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Driveway Care Instructions

When can I drive on my driveway?
Keep automobile traffic off your newly paved driveway for at least 3 full days and longer in hotter, more humid temperatures.

Please be careful with your newly paved driveway for at least the first 2 years (Especially in the Summer)

PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! Due to the inherently soft nature and slow curing time of asphalt, it is necessary to be very careful with your new pavement. The most common problem is tire marks made from stationary turning in hot or sunny weather. Please try to be moving when turning, or the top surface of asphalt will be easily torn or scarred! These tire marks can scare customers into thinking that there is something wrong with their new driveway or parking lot. The Asphalt Institute of America sends all paving contractors letters every year letting them know about this growing problem.

Do not Drive over the Edges of your Driveway
Please do not drive over the edges of your new blacktop, as this will weaken and crumble the edges. The new black top edges that are showing or higher than the yard should be backfilled with topsoil and seeded. This will support the edge of the driveway in case of anything driving off the edge. If you need to bring in soil, it is recommended to wait 4 to 6 months before having a dump truck on the driveway.
The heat during the summer months will soften the asphalt. Try to keep your driveway clear during this time. Pointy-based objects such as: chair and table legs, jack stands, bicycle & Motorcycle kickstands, grills, high-heeled shoes and anything with a small diameter can cause indentations in softened asphalt.

During the first year, vary your parking pattern. Avoid parking your car in the same location. This will help prevent depressions in asphalt.

Be Careful Using Gas or Oil around your Driveway
Gas and oil can eat away asphalt so be careful using it around your driveway. Example: filling lawnmowers. Put baking soda or sand on a gas or oil spill to absorb the liquid. Then be sure to wash the area thoroughly with water.

Asphalt takes approximately 2 years to begin to cure, although you can drive on it about 3-5 days or so after it’s been paved. As your pavement ages, it will become harder and will provide many years of durable service.

When should I consider seal coating my driveway? 
Once your asphalt has started to turn gray call us to have it seal coated. An oil-based sealant will replenish the oils that the driveway is made out of and a water-based sealant will protect against gas and oil leaks and spills on your driveway.

Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or concerns. It is our goal to help you protect your investment.

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