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Koller Pointe Update

Koller Pointe Update

Cale Drive, Tait Drive, 4th Street and everything on Logan Drive north of fourth Street have all concrete repairs completed except for a few small areas and they will be completed Wednesday, 10/10. All inlets that need addressed throughout the entire development have been replaced or repaired with concrete and they have been cleaned of all debris.

50% of the curb stops in the development there have been repaired or in the process of being repaired. Some of the residents have asked what a curb stop is and it’s basically the underwater valve that the borough uses to shut off the water to your house in case of emergency.

There was over 80 of these that needed repaired in some way shape or form. Many of the storm drain pipes need repaired in the development and over 70% of these are repaired. We are currently looking for any other areas that need base asphalt repairs to complete that in the next week or two the areas where we replaced or repaired storm drain pipes in the roadway and these we left expose until we were able to have the repairs inspected.

Most of this has been completed with only a few remaining areas to go. As the project moves forward we will try to keep everyone updated as much as possible. Any questions or concerns that you have feel free to talk to Tom with Affordable Paving who you may see driving around the job site in a white pickup truck. If you can’t find him just ask where the Affordable Paving workers you see running around the development.

In the meantime, we will continue work on storm drain pipe repairs and base repair paving on all road in development.

Curb Stop repairs will begin on Thursday, October 11, on Third Street, Broad Street, Chelsea Dr and Logan Drive from Third Street to Front Street.  All houses on the list will get a door hanger notifying them of the repair.

In preparation of the future paving of the development we will begin removing asphalt driveway wedges on Monday, October 15, 2018.