Castleton Development Update - Affordable Paving & Excavating

Castleton Development Update

Castleton Development Update

All the Base Repair has been completed that was required by the Township.  We have moved our equipment off site to allow for regular traffic and parking to return to normal.

Once the new dumpster pads are installed and the necessary water and sewer risers are ordered and delivered, we will resume paving the leveling course and final wearing course at that time.

Register your email address on our website for email updates. In the meantime, we will final paving the alleyways. Once we begin the leveling and final paving  we will need your full cooperation. 

With your cooperation, the road will be closed during the day but will be completed and opened back up by 6 pm that evening.  Parking on the road will still be limited.  We hope to begin the paving on the lower half the week of August 19th. (Weather Permitting)