Castleton Community Update - 7/9/19 - Affordable Paving & Excavating

Castleton Community Update – 7/9/19

Castleton Community Update – 7/9/19

Schedule for the Castleton Development – Wednesday July 10, 2019

We will be finishing the overlay paving of the alleys ways in sections 2, 3 & 4 on Wednesday, July 10 2019. We will be blocking the access the home owners driveway/garages from approx.. 7am – 6pm.  The home owners will be allowed to driveways on the blacktop after 7pm each evening.


We will also begin the Base Repair on Shadetree Blvd & Acanthus Street on Tuesday July 9, 2019.  We have attached an phasing plan for this area.  While we are removing the asphalt and repaving the base asphalt, sections of the road will be CLOSED  to all traffic.  We have tried to phase the project as best we can, but Homeowner and tenants will have to drive alternate routes around the development, while we are reconstructing the road. 

Please advise the homeowners to have their vehicles outside the paving area during those times. We will continue to update our website with dates as to when phasing sections will we closed.