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NO STREET PARKING 7AM-6PM on Shadetree Blvd & Acanthus St Mon – Wed, Sept 16-18. Work is weather permitting and may need to be adjusted due to inclement weather.  Anyone parked in these areas will be towed after 7AM without warning.

The final overlay paving will begin Monday, Sept 16. (Weather Permitting)  Tom met with the roadmaster on Monday, Sept 9.  The Large Cat Paver will be moved onsite on Thursday, Sept 12.  A Cat Technician is scheduled for Monday morning Sept 16 to adjust the machine for the project.

The plan for the final paving is to start at the main entrance Shadetree Blvd and continue to the interstation of Shadetree and Acanthus St. Please refer to the image below. Once we reach Acanthus St, we will start paving at the Acanthus St Entrance all the way to Daplin Ave.  Shadetree Blvd & Acanthus St will be closed Monday – Wednesday (Sept 16-18) between the hours of 7am-6pm.  We will reopen the streets every evening with very limited street parking.

NO STREET PARKING 7am-6pm on Shadetree Blvd & Acanthus Street Mon-Wed Sept 16-18. (Weather Permitting)

The remaining streets will follow after the completion of this area.

All the Base Repair has been completed that was required by the Township.  We have moved our equipment off site to allow for regular traffic and parking to return to normal.

Once the new dumpster pads are installed and the necessary water and sewer risers are ordered and delivered, we will resume paving the leveling course and final wearing course at that time.

Register your email address on our website for email updates. In the meantime, we will final paving the alleyways. Once we begin the leveling and final paving  we will need your full cooperation. 

With your cooperation, the road will be closed during the day but will be completed and opened back up by 6 pm that evening.  Parking on the road will still be limited.  We hope to begin the paving on the lower half the week of August 19th. (Weather Permitting)

The Affordable Paving team is doing our very best to complete project phases in a timely fashion but there is an extensive amount of repairs that are required to finish this job correctly. We apologize for the inconveniences and appreciate your cooperation and understanding throughout this process.

Here is the planned schedule for next week. 

Monday 7/22

  • Continue milling and prepping the main entrance off of 441 connecting to the main intersection of the townhomes (Section 5).

Tuesday 7/23

  • Paving Section 5
  • Milling the road where the dumpsters are located
  • Milling Shadetree Blvd. from Sable Dr. to Daplin Ave.

Wednesday 7/24

  • Paving the road where the dumpsters are located.
  • Paving Shadetree Blvd. from Sable Dr. to Daplin Ave.

The intersection and main roads will all be opened back up by Thursday.  (Weather Permitting)

Please no parking on either side of the dumpsters as we need to stage our equipment in this area.

We have started base repair/milling on Sections 1 & 2 on the Phasing Plan.   The Road will be closed in Section 1 & 2.  Please do not park your vehicle in either of these areas for the remainder of the week.

Schedule for the Castleton Development – Wednesday July 10, 2019

We will be finishing the overlay paving of the alleys ways in sections 2, 3 & 4 on Wednesday, July 10 2019. We will be blocking the access the home owners driveway/garages from approx.. 7am – 6pm.  The home owners will be allowed to driveways on the blacktop after 7pm each evening.


We will also begin the Base Repair on Shadetree Blvd & Acanthus Street on Tuesday July 9, 2019.  We have attached an phasing plan for this area.  While we are removing the asphalt and repaving the base asphalt, sections of the road will be CLOSED  to all traffic.  We have tried to phase the project as best we can, but Homeowner and tenants will have to drive alternate routes around the development, while we are reconstructing the road. 

Please advise the homeowners to have their vehicles outside the paving area during those times. We will continue to update our website with dates as to when phasing sections will we closed. 

Pictured below is a site plan sketch of the alley way Affordable Paving will be working on in the Castleton neighborhood in Marietta, PA.  We are currently prepping to pave sections 1-4.  Section 5 will be done at a later time as new homes are still being built in this area. Section 6 is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of July 8 and a phasing schedule will be provided for that area before we start.

Weather permitting, we will begin the rough/scratch course over the alley starting in Section 1 & 2 on Tuesday 6/25 & Section 3 & 4 Wednesday 6/26.

We will put the final overlay over the alley ways in Section 1 & 2 on Thursday 6/27 &  Section 3 & 4 Friday 6/28.

We will be blocking the access to homeowner driveway/garages from approx. 7am-6pm.  Homeowners will be allowed to drive on the blacktop after 7pm each evening. 

We will be prepping the lower part of the development Monday Nov 5th. Street sweeping will begin on Monday Evening starting at 3pm.  No Street Parking Mon – Fri between 5am – 7pm.  We will be petro matting, tack coating and paving Tuesday – Friday Nov 6-9.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!